“Plant Powered Living has been tremendously helpful in my vegan transition 

~ Heather Seratt

“Thank you all so much, what a fulfilling experience to have shared with everyone! I loved what I learned, the inspiration, the intention, the gifts… I went food shopping today with my new bag and recipe book, and purchased some of the items we worked with. I’m saving up for the blender from your site, and have shared the news with numerous friends and relatives already. I am so lucky to have such amazing people to touch my life in such a deep and important way. I look forward to joining in the next workshop. “Happy Thanksliving!” Thank you thank you thank you. 

~ Patricia Love Bliss

THANK YOU for sharing this recipe with me. I think cashew cream has the potential to be a good substitute for many recipes, have you ever used for baking though? I am curious to know how that would work….

Ok, so first thing for me to do is to get a Vitamix. Our blender sucks, and i can see how it would be key to being successful here….. I saw the juice challenge you guys posted, and that kind of caught my interest too. Not sure I could survive for 60 days, but I am thinking it would certainly be a great way to detox and cleanse my body…. I am quitting smoking on the 2nd, and it’s time to cleanse and detox…. I am craving the healthy change!!!!

Thanks for being there to help!!! Just following you has provided with me with SO MUCH inspiration, knowledge, and the confidence I need right now. It’s soooo nice to have a support team like you guys, wow!!!

I am craving food that actually has life force, I have developed an appetite for raw fruits and veggies, and meat is just feeling wrong, as is dairy. My body is overweight, my spirits lower than usual, and my energy levels are just low. I know I can kick all of these problems in the ass by living healthy, and eating healthy. It’s time!!!!

Love and Light to you too, thank you again Krista, from the bottom of my heart!!! All the best to you in the New Year!!!

~ Sondra 

“My family was a bit skeptical to say the least but [Christmas dinner] turned out soooo yummy! They were pleasantly surprised. Someone even said “This was so delicious and there weren’t even any animal products in it!” I made the mushroom gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes. Thank you for the inspiration and healthy recipes!”

~ Valentina Martin

“I am so thankful that I have PPL to support me in my quest for ultimate health! Love you guys!”

~ Carla Douglin

“Oh, I made this (Raw White Chocolate Strawberry “Cheese” Cake) and it was…..awesome! I’ve been working my way into a raw diet for the last week. Loved that this recipe was super simple and super tasty.”

Elsye Chardonnay Walker

“I love the logo and all you guys stand for,must let the people know I’m on the Plant Powered Living Bandwagon!”

Renee Elise

“I had a blast!! Thanks again! I can’t wait for the next one!”  (commenting on her experience at a Plant Powered Living workshop)

Jenee Beacon

“Thank you soo much for hosting that wonderful event (workshop – A Health New You)! I am so motivated to eat more raw food & continue & learn more about the healthy, loving path I am already on. The workshop today was just what I needed! LiVe In LoVe”

Denise Burchett

“Looking forward to adding even more plant powered yum and fitness to my life. Thanks for continuing to provide inspiration for a healthier lifestyle! ♥”

~ Megan Savage

“I made these (Kale Chips) tonight. Wow!  Matt & I both couldn’t believe how yummy they were! Thx Dave!”

 ~ Kimmie Romano

“Your website is terrific! So many good ideas (O: It’s very professional looking too, great job!”

~ Eric Mandel

“I love your website and FB posts. Have a rawsome weekend!”

~ The Raw Mogulista

“Thank you, Krista! You and Dave help me SO much in my Plant Powered journey!”

~ Josette Durand

“This is really helpful for those considering this drastic change in lifestyle. I am one seriously considering this myself 🙂 I’m so ready to feel and be healthy! Thank you Plant Powered Living! I have to admit my consideration for this strongly comes from your website and the beautiful Jennifer Quest (aka Hoopcharmer) She is a fabulous inspiration to me 🙂 Thank You again!”

~ Gina S.

“I love this recipe (Tara’s Healing Tonic) and the prose along with the reason times were chosen is great. This is a must read … And drink!!  

Eileen Conway

“You guys rock hard! I come to this site more than any other now. It’s full of great information and serves to let us all know that we aren’t alone in our desire to maintain and improve our good health and well being. I have a feeling that your talent in reaching out is going to have impact in the world. I am blessed to know you and really look forward to following your success. More power to you! The love you feel for the world shows so clearly for all to see. Very inspiring! Much love to you and your followers.”

~ Scott

“Thanks so much, Dave!!! I just finished reading your blog – so inspiring! &  your diet is very similar to mine. You looking so gorgeous this time! Thanks for the beautiful link.”

~ Tess T Fernando

“Dave, your website is very well-developed. Nice job! I really need to get a juicer. I’m a smoothie gal. :)”

Donna M.Miller

“Every day is amazing since I started my new life! Thank you for the love and support Dave The Organism! I’m loving this plant powered journey!”

~ Jenny 

“So inspired that so many people are becoming plant powered! Thank you PPL for all for hard work and love to empower, inspire and support us all on the ~Journey~ ♥”


“Thank you so much PPL and DTO for making a Kiwiliscious smoothie that has tantalized my taste buds to a higher vibrational frequency of drooling deliciousness.”

Kiwi, CEO at www.KiwiTails.com

“Thank you, Krista! You and Dave help me SO much in my Plant Powered journey :)”

~ Josette Durand Von Puscifer

“If you strive for a positive-empowered way of living and a feeling of well-being every day (whether you are omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) please check out Plant Powered Living!!! I love the natural recipes, health tips and inspiring info they share; They are totally my new go-to ♥”

Lauren Huck – founder of Huckleberry Lane Organics

“I love your site!!”

~ Chyrl Duggan

“Made this (Stir Fry with Udon) for dinner tonight! It was D’LISH! Thanks for the recipe!”

~ Merissa Ramos

“Love Plant Powered Living! Thanks for all the great info!!”

~ D’Lyn Suggs, Health Coach at Inspired Health Concepts

“Every day that passes I become a bigger believer in plant powered living, both the site and the lifestyle. While challenging for sure, I can now cite so many personal experiences that have elevated my life to levels I had long since forgotten possible. Health, stamina, sexual performance and general happiness to name just a few. I may fail from time to time, but I will never go back to eating flesh. Love and many thanks to all that inspired this transition, but namely my awesome wife, DTO and Krista. My affections for you all overflow. I do love my PeoPLe!”

~ Scott

Have been vegan for almost six weeks now. 11 pounds down and feeling better already. I never thought dairy would be so easy to avoid. Love it! Ive never eaten better in my life!  UPDATE:  I have never felt better and been happier with my food choices. I love that there are more and more celebrities declaring their plant-based diets to the world. It’s nice to see. What I like about it, this is the first eating plan I have ever taken on that is not temporary. I know I will never go back to eating animal products. My 16-year-old has gone vegan! I love sharing this with my family. My youngest daughter likes to eat how she was raised, but she also eats a lot of vegan foods. Although she grumbles about it, I also think she knows that our house is always full of foods that nurture and heal our bodies. This has been the end of about 37 years of battles with food for me. I’m just thankful I realized it now, while I am still young!

~ Christy Marie Orr Kelly

“Hi Dave, it was great meet you and Krista Richards in person! Harmony and I are a huge fan of PPL and had a wonderful time hanging out with you. PPL is a much needed resource to educate, inspire, and activate plant powered living. Keep up the great work, you two ROCK!!!!!”

~ Cory Reynolds 

“Hi Dave – just wanted to let you know that I love reading your posts and you inspire me every day. 🙂 Much love to you old friend!”

~ Carrie

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Plant Powered Living tastes sooo good! ♥ ♥ http://www.PlantPoweredLiving.com has many great resources for fabulous health ♥ ♥~LOVE~ LIGHT~ALIVENESS ♥ I love all of you Plant Powered Living peeps!! ♥ ♥ Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world ♥ You are such a valuable part of my journey ♥ I am so grateful to have this beautiful resource available ♥ I’m still learning and PlantPoweredLiving.com is such an a great source of inspiration ♥ Thank you for being so awesome!! Or rather…thank you for being so ~RAWSOME~ 😉 ♥ Tee-hee! ((LOVE)) ♥ }i{”

~ Heidi Lyn-Butterfly


“Dave, I truly enjoy your site and page! It’s so full of information worth sharing! Thank you for keeping us informed :-)”

~ Latonya Ellington


“I am so impressed by all you put on your Plant Powered Living pages Dave, you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you.”

~ Gerry Manvell 


Dave Kemp is amazing and is full of awesome info on juicing, smoothies and plant based info, check out his page ♥

~ Amber Rose


I can’t believe I have come so far already – ups and down but I feel so confident with my decision… the challenges will be upcoming in finding a living situation in which I can share the plant-powered lifestyle, or keeping it up on my own… there have been a few instances this year when I have wavered from the path, although in comparison to the amazing progress, I am still very enthused and determined to make this lifestyle a life-long reality. I’m so happy to be already influencing others to discover the wonderful world of plant-based eating. It is a true joy. ♥ More soon in a blog entry for PPL! ♥  I LOVE you and honor your efforts, along with all the Plant Powered Peeps around the world! I am so excited to keep going and going and going with it and continuing with this vital movement for the earth, its inhabitants, and for the souls of all the wonderful beings that deserve to be honored just as we honor each other. ♥ ♥ ♥ NAMASTE ♥♥ ♥

~ Patricia


This (Apple Ginger Limeade) sounds delicious! We love ginger so now we have another great way to enjoy it! Thanks HoopCharmer! ♥

Gary and Karen


I want to tell you how happy it makes me that you are out there spreading the word. The very least I can do is support you.

Maria Gutierrez 


Many thanks to Krista Richards, Dave Kemp, Christine Tara PetersonLeela Ottombrino, Plant Powered Living, and all the beautiful attendees for an enlightening afternoon. It’s always a blessing and a privilege to learn new truths and be reminded of ones you may already know.  (Attended a Plant Powered Living workshop)

Greg Anthony 


Hey, you two. I’ve been loving all the Plant Powered Living information. You’re both an inspiration. Please keep it up, I love all of it. I’m easing my way into it more and more.

Rod Clark


“You wanna know what I love? Roasted sweet corn. And a fresh arugula salad. Also, I really adore avocados. Potatoes are a favorite on my plate. Melons are mind blowing. Strawberries are scrumptious. Tomatoes are tasty. Kiwi fruits are killer. I go bananas over bananas. Carrots are cool. Sprouts make me want to sing. Beans are the bomb. Pineapples particularly rule. Spinach is spectacular. Peppers are positively fantastic. Apples are awesome. Lettuces are lovely. Beets taste beautiful. Eggplant is extraordinary. Garlic is great. Raspberries are rad. Coconuts are choice. Broccoli blows me away. I go totally nuts for nuts. Peaches make me positively perky. Jicama makes me happy. Asparagus is astonishing. Radishes revitalize me. Grapes are grand. Herbs are impressive. Mushrooms are magnificent. Dates are divine. Lemons are luscious. Yams are yummy. I could go on forever! You wanna know what I love? I love being plant powered! ♥”

Jenn Fuller 


It’s been over two weeks since I made the switch to a 100% plant powered diet and I have never felt better!

Paze Lee


Thank you!! Your information makes it so much easier to change my lifestyle, to a healthy, beautiful one…Your information is wonderful!!!

Rita Ramirez


I was just checking out Plant Powered Living website, and I think it is great, definitely motivating and informative.

Ereka Casarez


Could you guys be any more awesome!!? 🙂 I ♥ this page!  10 Tips for Starting a Plant Based Diet

Krystal Quinones


I love your page!

Angelique Bianca


Thanks to all of you who care so much about others to share this important information.  Blessings.

Carlos Aviles


What a magical space you’ve created! Love it!

 Charlene Clingman


Thank you for these priceless posts, great info 🙂

Bryant Kidd


Hi DTO! I just read your Success Story on Plant Powered Living. So Motivational and Inspirational. Thank you! 🙂

Gina Selene


Here’s some really simple math that anyone can understand: going plant powered = losing weight and feeling great. Wanna lose 4 pants sizes in 6 months? Drop a quick 50 pounds that you didn’t need anyway? Reverse diabetes? I’ve done all that just since the beginning of the year! I had a lot of help and inspiration from Plant Powered Living and Raw Raw Life, and anyone thinking of going on a plant based/whole foods diet should check out their amazing resources and recipes.  Thank you Dave Kemp and Carla Douglin for being the rawsome peeps that you are! You inspire all of us!  Get your herbivore on, people!

JL Fuller 


Thank you so much for all you share with us. I am on the road to recovery from the standard american diet of garbage and morbid obesity. Your posts are incredibly helpful!!!!

Cat Muzic 


Wow! I don’t know how I haven’t seen your page before! Saw you on The Healthy Hybrid – A life in transition and wanted to stop by. Great page!! ~

Wholistic Pursuit


I feel such a gratitude to the living produce that is in front of me when I am prepping for my juicing, the veggies make me happy and I look forward to seeing them, working with them and benefitting from all the nutrition they give me…. even the colors of the veggies & fruits brings cheer to me.   I just had some yellow lentil-sunflower seed hummus with chopped green pepper & apricot bits dipping with Cucumber slices instead of processed crackers or chips…really makes me feel plant-powered ♥ and for dessert some fresh organic raspberries with a mint leaf 🙂  I just wanted to share.

Lauren Huck


Nice site!

Brian Scott


Sweet! I love all your Tips of the Day you post on facebook and Twitter! Sharing!

Maria E. King 

I have lost 40lbs and after changing a lot in my diet since I last saw you.  I want to be down another 20lbs by my birthday and another 40+ by thanksgiving fingers crossed.  UPDATE: Thanks man that last talk you and I had at my dad’s really opened my eyes and talking to Krista when I have I started trying more new things and because their good it makes it easy to continue and to expand my mind even more. So far 48 lbs lost! Can’t wait to get down there to visit you two and learn more.


Leonard Garcia

I finally tried your Cantaloupe-Ginger Juice for Beautiful Skin and it has helped my skin.  I am now adding more hydrating fruits…and it is helping my skin. Who knew I was sooo dang dehydrated!! Cantaloupes are now a staple…haven’t touched one in years! Thanks for that!!!


Staci Lopez 

I watched “Forks Over Knives” yesterday and I have to say it has changed the way I think on a drastic level. I have already been eating vegan for months but this film helped me understand just how important it is. I want to give a big THANK YOU to Leela, Dave, Krista, Leilainia, Gabriel and Plant Powered Living for all of your inspiration! YOU are the reason I have chosen this lifestyle and I am eternally grateful for this. For those of you who haven’t seen this film, GO WATCH IT NOW!

Valentina Martin


I don’t think I’ll eat meat again.  I don’t really miss it at all.  Juicing is so awesome.  I sleep better, I have less stress, I work harder, plus I write more music and just feel great!  I love coconuts, avocado, kale, cherries and fruit is like love to me.  I now hate the smell of fast food joint.  I want to live!  I am juicing two days a week and excercising like mad.  The energy I have now is amazing!

Eddie Cunningham


I love Plant Powered Living!

Tia Dobi 


Thanks for having such a GREAT website!!! 🙂

Randy Sandberg


I am the proof plant powered living works….191lbs gone along with a plethora of medical conditions.  I feel so healthy and happy with myself.

Julie Savoy


Your site is looking great! Nice work!

Beth Colleoni


Going raw and using your plant powered living recipes.  Thanks, Dave 🙂

Sandra Monstrey 


The Plant Powered Living workshop, “Tastes of Summer“, I attended this past sunday was fantastic.  Everything about the day was full of love. “DTO the CEO” is one of the most gracious people I have ever met.  I am seriously inspired by this man, the people he surrounds himself with, and what Plant Powered Living is all about.  I’m all in!

Zuma Sun


Making the transition into a compassionate and conscious diet has become the next step in my personal evolution. I recently attended a Plant Powered Living workshop and found it to be insightful, inspiring, and supportive. I am eternally grateful to connect with others on a similar path. Having PPL in my life will make this transition as easy as (vegan) pie. Thank you!

Lani “Luminous” Oft, CMT at Heartfelt Healing


What an AWESOME resource Plant Powered Living is. Thanks a billion to the Co-Visionaries, Krista Richards and Dave Kemp, for getting going!!!

Randy Sandberg


You da man! Plant powered living is the way to go, I am trying baby steps and slowly hope to achieve true plant power!  Thank you.

Lenin Ruiz


I love attending the PPL workshops. They attract such a cool group of people who want to learn how to live a healthier and life with more fun.  I learned how easy,fun, and tasty it could be to eat a plant based diet and in the process, how wonderful it is to make new friends who are interested in the same thing. I’ve attended two PPL workshops and plan on attending many more! Thank you Dave, Krista, and the PPL team for your dedication to supporting the community with this wonderful teachings and sharing yourself fully with all of us!

Raj Lahoti, Creature, Teacher, Preacher, Healer, Lover, and Leader


I love all your posts. Please keep it up!!

Athena Aura


Sharing…well done. cheers!

Charlie Pinkston 
~ The Vegan Muse


Dave, I went to the website. It’s really good. I mean really, really good. I’m not sure I’m the type to jump to vegan, but I saved it to my “favorites” and I *am* sure that I will keep poking around there and trying new things.

Christopher Sheehan

Thank you Dave and Krista! I feel blessed to be connected with the positive and inspiring people through PPL. ♥

Sarah Christie, Owner of Healthy Harmony


Hi Dave! Just wanted to let you know that I made “Bread Salad” last night – stumbled across it when I was searching for your website. AMAZING!!!! My mom & Makenzie both loved it! Trying the “Sexy Chocolate Mousse” tonight. Oh, and things are going very well… I feel INCREDIBLE!! Guess ya gotta hit bottom before you really can make it to the top. ♥

Amy Salsberry 


Day 10, RAW VEGAN and going strong, thanks to your planting the seeds way back when (coincidentally, 1 year ago…. holy no-cow!!!) ♥ ♥ And while it may have taken a year to get here, I

GOT HERE!! Sending LOVE and GRATITUDE to Plant Powered Living!!!

Lynnfinity Andbeyond


Great page look forward to following!!



You guys are helping me so much! Down 15lbs! Smiling!

Sylvia Rowell


You are providing such a service, I really appreciate your efforts!

Sarah Kennedy Modeste

Wow!  Thanks again for this information as we all work to make better food choices.

Kimberly Lee Speed


Go to the Plant Powered Living web site, the best articles I have read in the 30 years of being vegan are there. Or go to Dave Kemp‘s facebook page.

Kris Manvell


I am down 42 lbs and feeling a lot better.  :o)

Lisa Birnbryer-O’neill


Look how amazing my body and skin are now that I am vegan! Woot!



I just juiced for the first time, with a friend’s great mentoring. Pineapple, celery, and swiss chard…I can hardly wait to do more…want to try the Liquid Sunshine Juice that Dave Kemp mentioned.

Fredi Baker 


Plant Powered Living,  Every day you inspire me to live a healthier…. happier…..beautiful life. Thank you ♥

Tiffany Trevino


Your page is awesome! Wishing you much success.

Charlotte Mussman


Love your site! I’ll definitely be frequenting it often.

Krissy Fernandez


Great page! Love it!

Margarita M. Lopez


My friends at Plant Powered Livinginspire me to make healthy choices! I enjoy making a green kale superfood smoothie every morning for breakfast and juicing fresh veggies regularly!

Anja, founder of Indirani Fusion Dance


Thank you for sharing positivity!…

Nassareen Rahman


Thank you Plant Powered Living for all of your inspiring and helpful recommendations. <3

Emily Keith


Thank you for all the inspiring and informative posts, I love your site!

 Allison Walkey


I love your site and I have shared it with my friends.

AnnaLynda Henderson 


Thanks Dave and Krista! Plant Powered Living Holiday Workshop and Dinner was a super tasty experience! Great food and great company, so much to be thankful for!! ♥

“When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.”

Elsye Chardonnay Walker
Dave Kemp and my cousin have inspired me to do the juicing. Makes me feel amazing!

Sonya Taylor Ziegenhorn

My hubby has lost 107 pounds so far. I am at 39.

Desiree Carroll Fiallos


I am loving my life with meat…..thank you for the information and motivation to experience this life plant powered!!!! I must research the year, but it was on Christmas that you and Krista invited Heidi and myself to your home for one of the most life changing meals of my existence……thank you for all that you share, and All that you are Dave <3 <3 <3 LOVE you!!!

Chad Ashment

I do not even vacation and I enjoyed every bit of this article (Plant Powered Vacations by Raw Rebecca) 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I really want to incorporate more raw into my diet. So it was awesome!!!! Everyday is a vacation in my book. 😉

Sherri Werner

Today is my V~Day, Nov. 28. Three years old and I am never going back . Since going Vegan my sinuses cleared for the first time in over 30 years . Arthritis 90% gone. I eat more exciting delicious and varied foods then ever before and as much as I want without gaining weight. I am regular as clockwork, have more energy and sleep like a baby . These are all just bonus fringe benefits though. The best part is finally living my true values of fairness, justice and non violence for all. ~ 2012

Quincy Kirsch

To all my friends out there that are looking to bring wellness into their life, please see what Plant Powered Living can do for you on a daily basis to help guide you on your journey! You won’t be sorry!

Josh Fix


I started a year ago and now check me out! Minus 80+ pounds, rid of some very serious medical conditions, off meds, vegan, vibrant, and alive! It is possible, but it takes personal determination and much support, from peeps like DTO and PPL ! I also am a mother who works full time and is on a budget. My food is much cheaper than my medical bills were. I feed my kids plant-based vegan meals every day. It took me only a few minutes tonight (and I’m tired too- I have been up since before 5 a.m.) to make a good supper for my family–spinach salad, quinoa, stir fry veggies and tofu, and fresh berries. It takes just as long and costs just as much to make Hamburger Helper as it does to cook right. Once I prioritized my health and figured out how to shop the costs evened out. Big thanks to PPL for helping me transform myself. I owe you guys my life. PPL FTW!!! ♡

Jenn Fuller


Wow! I’m so happy to hear that so many are tuning in to hear the beautiful message that these guys share. ♥

Philip Be

Check out Plant Powered Living and Dave & Krista! I’m sure they can teach you a trick or two, provide you some awesome recipes and they also understand a hectic schedule – they are also both educators and musicians!

Veronica Dusseau Pannone


I have to let you all know how much I love your site!! It’s so great, not just about “eating” but a lifestyle!!! And anything that let’s me get out into nature is wonderful!!! And if I can share it with someone…even better!!!

Debbie B.


Thank You, Dave and Krista, for such an amazing, enlightening, positive experience at the workshop!  My husband and I are so grateful that we have found such a progressive group of like minded people. It was a refreshing and great way to start the new year.

Katie and Mike Elliott


I just want you all to know that I left the workshop feeling so in love with life and with myself, and best part is that I got to share so much love with all of you! Thank you Krista Richards and Dave for opening your hearts and home! Xoxoxo peace, love, light!

Lindsey May


WOW !!! I knew the workshop was going to be cool…but I am so energized from the healthy food, healthy meditation and healthy LOVE…I am ready for anything!!

Ken San Diego


After a viewing of “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” the other night, I was driven to order a new high powered Breville juicer from Plant Powered Living’s Shop. I will await it’s arrival while resting, stocked with lemons and ginger.


There are some really good juice recipes on here, plus lots of other great plant-food resources. www.plantpoweredliving.com/category/recipes/drinks/juicing-recipes/

Arielle Rose Nylander 


On Day 9 of being solely plant powered! I feel great! (1/9/13)

Merissa Ramos


I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I quit drinking/smoking but I still felt like shit. My wife and I decided to go vegan and get all the toxins out of our systems and our house. Started making our own soaps, deoderants. I feel so much better. No meat, no cheese, no dairy just a good solid vegan diet watching the fats and oils. You can survive life with out cheese.

Richard Douglass


Thank you for all the awesome vegan tips and info. It’s been a drastic change for me in the past few months. I am not fully vegan yet but almost, and getting closer every day!

Andres Pookie Jamerson


I love your page and what you are contributing!!! Thank you 😀

James Boswell


Made the “Sexy Chocolate Mousse” tonight. Wow! Talk about yummy!!! I even forgot the vanilla, but it was still so good! Even my 11 year old loves it! 🙂

Bonnie MacDonald


Krista Richards and DTO are sharing a new lifestyle in food preparation, eating and living. It is a movement of where food is going and it is YUMMY…Thanks for upgrading my culinary skills

Ken San Diego


I look at your Plant Powered Living site almost daily to see what yummy foods you have.. It always makes me hungry!

Brooke Perez

Your Workshops are awesome, you educate and really show that everyone can walk the path of a Plant Powered Diet.

Marc Devoe


Plant Powered Living!!! Try it, Love it, Live it!

Lauren Huck


Always such yumminess comes out of the PPL peeps imaginations. ♥ u all!

Star Castillo – aka: Estrella


ABC juice with Ginger. Not bad 🙂 Thanks for the info Dave!

Mendi Jenkins


Thanks for a great workshop today, Dave and Krista! Everything was yummy! Looking forward to more ahead 🙂

Melissa Blaiklock


Amazing workshop put on by beautiful souls. LOVED it! Can’t wait for the next. XO

Jenifer Hohnbaum


HEY!!!! Love what you guys are doing!!!!!! ♥ Eva

Eve from Uncooking 101


Thanks Dave! Just checked out your site, it looks awesome! I know I’m going to learn a lot of great information to help myself and my patients ….thanks for doing what you do!! :))

Dr. Robert Andrews

I think I’m in love. 🙂

Cecilia Hayes

Thank you very much for your great efforts which are making a powerful difference. I’ve appreciated and been inspired by Plant Powered Living posts since the beginning of my raw food path.

Joseph Hill


AWESOME….. I turned my fiance onto the organic and health eating…. he is tackling it like a champ!!! I could not be more proud! He sent me this photo. I told him about you and Krista and Plant Powered Living and he is sooooo impressed. Ive been sharing with him the things Im learning from your page and he thinks your story and passion for healthy living is really impressive!! Just had to share :))))

Staci Lopez


Just reviewed www.PlantPoweredLiving.com and came across my Success Story on transitioning to a plant based diet. If you are not familiar with Plant Powered Living do check out the site. There are a lot of great tips, recipes, videos and blogs!

Jason Velick


This is amazing so many people changing and leading healthy lives because of your message. Well done <3

Marc Devoe


Great posts and website!

Tree and Soil Solutions


Get on the Plant Powered Living bandwagon! My blog is there as well as many brilliant writers. Outstanding articles on juicing, detoxing & any subject you can think of.

Chris Aultman
Love your posts!

Imelda Molina


mock "tuna" Staci Lopez Plant Powered LivingThanks sooooooooooo much to the Plant Powered Palace AMAZING PEEPS!! Especially DTO… thanks for opening up your palace for a nice afternoon of learning, great smiles from friendly new faces, cool yoga, sharing so much knowledge, and a yummmmy juices and a new dish! Who knew faux Tuna could taste soooo good!! Thanks mucho! 🙂 Hope to see y’all at future events 🙂 UPDATE: I did it!! Thanks for teaching us how to do your “raw tuna” collard green wraps that we learned at your Plant Powered Living! From now on… “Soakin nuts” 🙂

Staci Lopez



I REALLY LIKE this Fantastic site and these Fabulous Peeps!

Ann Heizer


While this was a long and interesting journey, taking over 10 years of conscious thought of knowing what I wanted yet still sabotaging myself… DTO ended up being a crucial player. The stable and not always silent messenger reminding me of my ultimate goal. Love you, bro!

Lucas Duran


It was great to finally meet you. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your home with me. I’m very inspired from such a supportive fruitful afternoon.

Jesse Macchio


Really great stuff from you guys yesterday at the Burner Bazzar.. My how you guys have grown.. Such a strong community!!! love love love

Danksa Lisa

Met Dave from Plant Powered Living on Mother’s Day and super excited to join their workshop end of the month…love learning new living!

JaDee Locke


Awesome! I love your plant-based-living page, just found it! Blessings to you in all the great work you are doing.

Ananda Bhavani


Thank you! You inspire me with your Plant Powered Living Page!

VSF Vitality Sports & Fitness


Great fun today for the Plant Powered Living “Taste of Summer” event! Thanks to you all for such an awesome time!

Elaine Bryan