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There is nothing like a fresh cup of Juice in the morning!

Are you ready to kick the Coffee habit and not sure how?  Having fresh juice in the morning can help you! I remember reading somewhere that having a green apple in the morning will wake you up better than having […]

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Plants and Bees ~ A Love Affair

Pollinating Bee

You know the saying “Think globally, act locally”. Well this story is about just that! Do you know how plants produce fruit and vegetables? 1) Soil 2) Water 3) BEES! Do you and your family enjoy eating nutritious and delicious […]

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Homemade Asparagus and Pea Bisque


During these cold winter months there’s nothing like a hot bowl of soup to warm your body and your soul.  This delicious soup is full of flavor and packed with nutrition. Ingredients: 2 cups snap peas 2 cups diced asparagus […]

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