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Eat Your Vitamins

vitamn c sources

Reposted with permission from Yoga Girl goes Vegan Where do you get your protein?  Do you use supplements?  Do you suffer any deficiencies? Do you take vitamins?  These are some of the questions I am asked on a frequent basis. […]

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“Spring into Summer” A Plant Powered Workshop


Sunday May 26th, 2013 Summer is just around the corner!! Things are heating up, are you ready?  Let’s spring into summer!!! Plant Powered Living is teaming up with Tovah Terranova of GreenLife Cleanse & Detox to assist you in clearing your body […]

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The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine – Book Review

Jesse J. Jacoby The Raw Cure

The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine is a new book written by the highly knowledgeable author, Jesse Jacoby. Mr. Jacoby does not have a pile of letters following his name, yet he is an esteemed authority on all of the […]

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