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Ray Smith’s Story: A Choice Between Life or Death

Ray Smith After Photo

  Life has the tendency to be fickle…likely to change. Please don’t misunderstand: Life is good. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife of 38 years. I have two incredible children and I so enjoy the role of doting grandfather […]

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Sex and Juicing


People have all these arguments for why people should juice. Save the animals, lose weight, protect the environment… all very valid and compelling reasons to incorporate more juice into your life. However, do you know what I say? Juicing makes […]

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My Vegan Story: Chris Aultman

At 195

  Here’s my story on how going vegan (100% raw at the start) affected my health and fitness, and subsequently changed my life. Most of my life I’ve struggled with weight (you know, big-boned) and grew up with a Southern mom who […]

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