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4 Natural Ways to Moisturize Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It receives nourishment from what you put in your body and what you put on it. To moisturize your skin effectively, you must take in enough water and nutrients to help […]

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Carrie Underwood Makes the Switch to Plant Powered Living

Music Underwood on Tour

Carrie Underwood, whose notable accomplishments include winning American Idol in 2005 and multiple Grammy nods, recently told Women’s Health Magazine that she has made the switch from a vegetarian lifestyle to being completely plant-powered. In the interview, which focused on her role […]

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Cantaloupe-Ginger Juice for Beautiful Skin

cantaloupe juice

  This complexion-enhancing concoction will help improve your skin from the inside out and have you *glowing* in no time! A one cup serving of cantaloupe provides your daily requirement of Vitamins A & C, which are both excellent free-radical […]

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