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Lemon Sweetness

Ingredients: 1 cup kamut and 1 cup of barely (soaked overnight) dash of salt juice from 1 lemon 1/2 tsp cinnamon 3 T maple syrup 2 T coconut sugar Mix in a food processor, then dehydrate in a pan for […]

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Eat this, not that! 3 Healthier Alternatives for Junk Food Addicts

zucchini chips

Transition from the Standard American Diet to a plant based diet, is not only smart, but delicious!  As you make your way down the road to health understand that the shift towards plant based doesn’t mean deprivation. Enjoy these healthier versions of the […]

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Joseph Hill’s Success Story

Joseph Hill Plant Powered Living

Aloha! Isn’t this new technology amazing?! In the late 80’s people handed out pamphlets, photocopies or used alternative newspapers to communicate information that wasn’t in the commercial news. Back then, that method didn’t go over much better than it does […]

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