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Use a Lemon or Lime as a Deodorant

Lime Lemon

  I have been on this two year search for the perfect natural deodorant. Until this week, I had not found anything that could stand up to my active lifestyle of teaching yoga and dance classes, training in acrobatics and […]

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Sexy Chocolate Mousse

Sexy Chocolate Mousse Plant Powered Living vegan

  This Sexy Chocolate Mousse is one of Gabriel’s signature sexy desserts. It is amazing and light!  Serve this at a dinner gathering and you’ll be the hit of the party! Sexy Chocolate Mousse 3 Avocados 12 ounce ( 2 […]

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My Success Story: Jason Velick

Jason Velick  (After) Plant Powered Living

My path towards wellness started almost 8 years ago upon realization that I had a problem with alcohol and needed to quit.  I have been sober for nearly 8 years and I believe my journey began when I quit drinking […]

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