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Eat this, not that! 3 Healthier Alternatives for Junk Food Addicts

zucchini chips

Transition from the Standard American Diet to a plant based diet, is not only smart, but delicious!  As you make your way down the road to health understand that the shift towards plant based doesn’t mean deprivation. Enjoy these healthier versions of the […]

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Homemade with Love: 4 Easy Steps to Creating Organic Baby Food

baby eating yummy food Plant Powered Living

Easy, economical and healthy are a few reason parents are turning to their kitchens for homemade baby food.  Making your own organic baby food can help ensure you are serving natural, nutrient rich food to your little one.  Store bought […]

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A Plant Based Fresh Start In 5 Easy Steps

Hungry for Healthy?  There is a big movement in the health field of moving towards a nutrient rich, plant-based diet.  What does a plant based diet mean?  A plant-based diet means eating fresh or minimally processed plant foods and the removal […]

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