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“Spring into Summer” A Plant Powered Workshop


Sunday May 26th, 2013 Summer is just around the corner!! Things are heating up, are you ready?  Let’s spring into summer!!! Plant Powered Living is teaming up with Tovah Terranova of GreenLife Cleanse & Detox to assist you in clearing your body […]

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Interview with Kirk Hensler, Owner of Hale Holistic

Kirk Hensler

Life is hard no matter what but it’s so much better when you feel good and you are functioning optimally. A common misconception is that only women do yoga although yoga was started by men in India over 5,000 years […]

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Interview with Anna Holden of YogaSlackers

  I can peak in on Anna Holden and Paul Cassedy through the picturesque window from the living room to the kitchen. The air around the kitchen is jovial and the smell coming from it is warming and gets my […]

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