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“Tastes of Summer” A Plant Powered Workshop

Produce - Plant Powered Living

Sunday June 30th, 2013 Summer is here!! Plant Powered Living is inviting you along on a guided trip to the Encinitas Farmer’s Market. Together we will experience the beauty of summer fruits and veggies from local farms and share some […]

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Justin Timberlake Skit on SNL – “Bring It On Down To Veganville” (VIDEO)

Justin Timberlake Vegan

Justin Timberlake performed a hilarious and informative skit about the benefits of eating plants on the popular comedy show , Saturday Night Live.  Plant Powered Living is thrilled about the trends of more awareness being spread about the power of plants. […]

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Beet This! Dehydrator Beet & Celery SourDough Bread

Beet Celery Bread

This is a mostly raw recipe, only one ingredient wasn’t raw, and that was only due to availability issues vs anything else. This lovely tangy sourdough dehydrator bread surprised me with it’s mild but sour flavor, it’s perfect for cheezes, […]

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