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How to Maintain Perfect Health by Chris Aultman

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Want a better state of health and fitness? Follow these basic parameters, and staying fit and healthy will be a breeze. Much like the wisdom behind 80/10/10, your dietary baseline should be 90/70/50. FYI, percentages are measured with calories, not mass. By mass, […]

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Plant Powered Interview – Megan Westgate, Executive Director, Non-GMO Project

plant powered living megan westgate interview non gmo project

Lately there’s no shortage of news related to GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) crops and many concerns around the recent data showing the potential negative health effects of GMO food products such as: allergic reactions, increased toxicity, decreased nutritional value, antibiotic […]

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Interview with Kirk Hensler, Owner of Hale Holistic

Kirk Hensler

Life is hard no matter what but it’s so much better when you feel good and you are functioning optimally. A common misconception is that only women do yoga although yoga was started by men in India over 5,000 years […]

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