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Stay Cool this Summer with Ayurvedic Remedies that Calm Pitta

Ayurvedic Remedies - Plant Powered Living

We welcomed summer with the passing of the Solstice, but as the summer really heats up, the rising temperatures may not always feel so welcoming. Luckily, Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science, offers a few simple tips for beating the heat and staying […]

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Julie’s Spicy Top To Bottom Salad!

  Top To Bottom Salad is so called as it uses fruits and veggies from a variety of growing heights, from ground dwelling mushrooms and squash, to tree top swinging avocados and limes, and let’s not forget the in between […]

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Use a Lemon or Lime as a Deodorant

Lime Lemon

  I have been on this two year search for the perfect natural deodorant. Until this week, I had not found anything that could stand up to my active lifestyle of teaching yoga and dance classes, training in acrobatics and […]

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