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“Tastes of Summer” A Plant Powered Workshop

Produce - Plant Powered Living

Sunday June 30th, 2013 Summer is here!! Plant Powered Living is inviting you along on a guided trip to the Encinitas Farmer’s Market. Together we will experience the beauty of summer fruits and veggies from local farms and share some […]

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Apple Ginger Limeade

Apple Ginger Limeaide

  I wanted to create a juice that was delicious, hydrating and good for cramping and muscle aches.  After some tasty experimenting, I came up with this delicious and nutritious combination. I started with cucumber as a base, as it […]

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HoopCharmer on Plant Powered Living

HoopCharmer Plant Powered Living

Plant Powered Living is honored to share with you our interview with HoopCharmer, CEO & Founder of Charmed Life Entertainment.   Jennifer Quest, HoopCharmer, is creating amazing performances with her company and taking everything to the next level & beyond. […]

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