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SOS Free? What’s that?


SOS Free? What’s that? In the plant-based nutritional world there is no shortage of diets and health guru’s to promote them. As if cutting out all animal products is not enough, we tend to further subdivide into the categories of […]

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Raw Coconut Bac’un

Photo May 01, 6 10 31 AM

  What to do with all the leftover coconut meat after you drink the yummy coconut water?  I am speaking of course about young Thai Coconuts.  When I’m feeling ambitious I make raw coconut bac’un and it rarely makes it […]

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Midwest Vegan Radio

Jason Velick  (After) Plant Powered Living

  Ok, I know that I may be in the minority but there are some great plant powered friends that are living in the Midwest and they are doing some really great things to spread the word about the benefits […]

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