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Mood-lifting Green Smoothie


I whipped up this green smoothie this morning, in the midst of chaos and frustration, and came up with something delicious and infused with positive energy, sunshine,  and smiles.  It’s yummy and did wonders for my mood!  I hope you enjoy […]

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Interview with Kirk Hensler, Owner of Hale Holistic

Kirk Hensler

Life is hard no matter what but it’s so much better when you feel good and you are functioning optimally. A common misconception is that only women do yoga although yoga was started by men in India over 5,000 years […]

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Green Smoothies 101

Finally! After nearly two years of clamoring, I’m finally posting my blog. I’m typing this because so many of you have asked about green smoothies. If there is any “perfect meal”, it just might be a green smoothie. For those […]

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