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Mood-lifting Green Smoothie


I whipped up this green smoothie this morning, in the midst of chaos and frustration, and came up with something delicious and infused with positive energy, sunshine,  and smiles.  It’s yummy and did wonders for my mood!  I hope you enjoy […]

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Plant Powered Penny Pinching: Stir Fry with Udon


  Two of the big concerns with moving to a vegan diet seem to be taste and money.  No one that has viewed the data really argues that a meat-based diet is healthier.  A quick look at the leading causes […]

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BEANS! The Great Staple


Beans are a staple in my diet and the same goes for most vegans and vegetarians. That is because they are high in protein, high in fiber, low in fat, packed full of nutrients, inexpensive, and versatile. I recently started […]

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