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Piña Cool-ada Juice!

Plant Powered Living - Pina Cuc-lada juice

This juice recipe is delicious and nutritious.  After experimenting to find a simple and refreshing five-ingredient drink, I came up with this yummy combination.  I recommend using organic produce.  Enjoy! Ingredients: (serves 2-3) 1 pineapple 2 cucumbers 10-12 fresh strawberries 3 […]

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Popeye’s Tonic

Popeye's Tonic - Plant Powered Living

We all know that Popeye’s secret to strength was his spinach intake, but he was also protecting himself against problems related to inflammation, oxidative stress, and cancer.  Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse containing over a dozen anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory flavonoid compounds. […]

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Bliss Juice Recipe

Plant Powered Living Juice Mix to Bliss

I have been creating a juice recipe that is perfect after yoga or any other type of workout, one that really replenishes the organism and brings bliss. I use beets with the tops since the tops have even more nutrients than […]

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