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Raw “Tuna” Wraps

This wrap is so delicious & filling. The sunflower seeds have lots of protein along with amino acids, vitamins E & B. It also contains Dulse Flakes, a raw seaweed which in my opinion should be a staple in all […]

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Julie’s Chik’n & Cheeze Collard Wraps

  Chik’n and Cheeze Collard Wraps   Ingredients:   Wraps Collard greens Butternut squash Young Thai coconut Chinese leek Green bell pepper Roma tomatoes Sunflower Seeds (raw/shelled) “Hunni” mustard tahini dressing 3tbsp tahini 1 tbsp vinegar 3 tbsp mustard 2 […]

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Raw Collard Wraps

Raw Collard Wrap Plant Powered Living

  I have been exclusively eating raw living foods since Jan 22, 2011, and this choice alone has been an instrumental part of my Success Story.  When I am in my flow of intuitive eating, it comes down to how […]

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