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USDA Study Finds Eating Healthy May Not More Expensive


“Eating healthy is just so much more expensive!” It’s a common complaint and I’m really not sure where it all got started, but according to a USDA Economic Research Service study, it all depends on how you do the math. […]

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“Born to Run” sprints onto my favorite books list

Born to Run

I’ve read perhaps 1,000 books in my life and I can’t think of one I’ve enjoyed more. “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall is the epitome of a “page-turner”. Ever read a book and find yourself blowing through pages like Newt Gingrich through a bag […]

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4 Small and Cost Effective Changes to Gain a Healthier Diet

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  You don’t always have to spend a lot to eat healthy, organic, or vegan. You just have to know a few tricks or short cuts. A lot of the more expensive items on your grocery list are meat, cheese, […]

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