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There is nothing like a fresh cup of Juice in the morning!

Are you ready to kick the Coffee habit and not sure how?  Having fresh juice in the morning can help you! I remember reading somewhere that having a green apple in the morning will wake you up better than having […]

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Popeye’s Tonic

Popeye's Tonic - Plant Powered Living

We all know that Popeye’s secret to strength was his spinach intake, but he was also protecting himself against problems related to inflammation, oxidative stress, and cancer.  Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse containing over a dozen anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory flavonoid compounds. […]

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Raw Collard Wraps

Raw Collard Wrap Plant Powered Living

  I have been exclusively eating raw living foods since Jan 22, 2011, and this choice alone has been an instrumental part of my Success Story.  When I am in my flow of intuitive eating, it comes down to how […]

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