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Five Reasons to Eat More Coconut


Introduction The coconut is the fruit of a palm tree, known as “Cocos nucifera”, native to the tropical regions of the world. The scientific name of the coconut palm is derived from 16th century Portuguese and Spanish “cocos”, meaning “grinning […]

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Raw, Plant Powered Beauty

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  It’s easy to create face masks and nourish the skin at home with raw, plant-powered nutrition.  There is no need to spend money on costly beauty products that may also have harmful or harsh ingredients (e.g. parabens).  Save money […]

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Use a Lemon or Lime as a Deodorant

Lime Lemon

  I have been on this two year search for the perfect natural deodorant. Until this week, I had not found anything that could stand up to my active lifestyle of teaching yoga and dance classes, training in acrobatics and […]

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