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It is highly suggested that you write your story in an outside program such as in a Word document so that re-reading it as well as editing will be easier. Just use this page to paste in the content.

Here are a few suggestions to help prompt your writing if you need:

  • Tell us about your transition from The Standard American Diet to Plant Powered Living.
  • Was there a distinctive ah-ha moment in your life or was it a gradual change?
  • What changes in your body, mind, or life have happened throughout this change?
  • Have you had any medical problems that have been affected (positively or negatively) by changing your lifestyle?
  • Share some tips that may help others on their journey.
  • Did you read any books or see and films that changed your perspective on diet or exercise?
Use these ideas and more to form your story.  Make it personal. Share with us how you really feel, what your experience was and anything you want to share with the world about living a Plant Powered lifestyle.
Please also make sure to include high resolution before and after photos (just do your best, we know that not everyone has the foresight to take a nice before picture).
We’re excited to hear your story!

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