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They Say It’s My Birthday! 44 Ways I’ve Improved My Life


Today I’m laughing. Why? Because I’m thinking back about a decade when I believed the back pain that plagued my 30′s was something I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. I figured that […]

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Ray Smith’s Story: A Choice Between Life or Death

Ray Smith After Photo

  Life has the tendency to be fickle…likely to change. Please don’t misunderstand: Life is good. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife of 38 years. I have two incredible children and I so enjoy the role of doting grandfather […]

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My Vegan Story: Chris Aultman

At 195

  Here’s my story on how going vegan (100% raw at the start) affected my health and fitness, and subsequently changed my life. Most of my life I’ve struggled with weight (you know, big-boned) and grew up with a Southern mom who […]

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