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A New Plant-Powered Champion is Crowned

People love David and Goliath stories, we seek them out, we relish the lessons they provide and we get inspired by the possibilities they represent to the underdog in all of us. Such a story transpired last night in Las […]

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Meet Deuce Lutui, 340lb Plant Powered Guard for the Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Guard Deuce Lutui

  You might not believe it, and there are plenty around the NFL that had a hard time with it too, but it’s true. In an interview with Clare Farnsworth of the Official Seattle Seahawks Blog, Lutui had this to say for […]

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“Born to Run” sprints onto my favorite books list

Born to Run

I’ve read perhaps 1,000 books in my life and I can’t think of one I’ve enjoyed more. “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall is the epitome of a “page-turner”. Ever read a book and find yourself blowing through pages like Newt Gingrich through a bag […]

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