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Movie Review: HAPPY – A Documentary


4 1/2 Sunflowers HAPPY….such a simple title for such a complex understanding. As easy as it would seem it has gotten to be quite the challenge for the bulk of civilization to define, let alone achieve. This documentary delves into […]

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Movie Review: The Weight of the Nation


Many of us are guilty of this behavior – we look at a person who is obese or morbidly obese and think, “Ugh. S/he is so lazy. How can they even think about being in that fast-food drive-thru line? Where […]

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Movie Review: May I Be Frank

May I Be Frank

  Frank Ferrante, star of May I Be Frank, immediately drew me into his story with his indelible Spirit, Sicilian charm and magnetism. Indeed, the ever-present, bright-shiny twinkle in his eye and his broad smile instantly captured not only my […]

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