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GMOs – An Interview with Sheri Fogarty

Sheri Fogarty and her friend Sheila in action

Lately there’s no shortage of news related to GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds. There are many concerns around the recent data showing the potential negative health effects of GMO food products such as: allergic reactions, increased toxicity, decreased nutritional value, […]

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Plant Powered Interview – Carla Douglin

CD Casual - Plant Powered Living

  Carla Douglin is a Contributor at PlantPoweredLiving.com and the founder of Raw Raw Life. What were your big “Ah Ha Moments” that lead you to begin to focus on your health? “One day, I looked up and I realized […]

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HoopCharmer on Plant Powered Living

HoopCharmer Plant Powered Living

Plant Powered Living is honored to share with you our interview with HoopCharmer, CEO & Founder of Charmed Life Entertainment.   Jennifer Quest, HoopCharmer, is creating amazing performances with her company and taking everything to the next level & beyond. […]

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