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“Seed of Gratitude”


  Today, rushing to my lunchtime hatha yoga class, I found myself sipping the last of my power green smoothie, only to capture a tiny chia seed in between two of my teeth.  Quick mirror check revealed the seed wasn’t visible, and […]

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“Planting Seeds” a Plant Powered Workshop

Flyer Image Thrive Designs

Spring is a wonderful time for planting seeds! Get rooted with a transformative vinyasa yoga flow with Melissa Blaiklock, followed by Organic Gardening basics with Michael Read of Thrive Designs, and top off the day with a hands on Plant […]

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Are You a Yoga Thrill Seeker? Are You Bored with Yoga? Congratulations, Now the Real Yoga

Stephanie Carter - Yoga Plant Powered Living

By Stephanie Carter for YOGANONYMOUS Do the words “let’s begin with some seated meditation” cause you to recoil in horror? Do you practice at every studio at town, know every teacher and practice several styles? Are you constantly seeking the […]

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