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Plant Powered Living – “Spring Cleaning” Workshop (Part 2)

Apple Ginger Limeaide

Sunday May 20th, 2012 Summer is just around the corner!! Things are heating up, are you ready? Plant Powered Living is here to assist you in clearing your body and freeing your mind & spirit during these beautiful spring months! […]

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Hoop Dancing and Its Infinite Nature

Leela Hooping Park

  The massive growth of hoop dance as an art form as well as a mode of fitness is undeniable.  Even within the short two years I have been incorporating it in my life, I’ve witnessed the growth. For those […]

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Plant Powered Interview – Carla Douglin

CD Casual - Plant Powered Living

  Carla Douglin is a Contributor at PlantPoweredLiving.com and the founder of Raw Raw Life. What were your big “Ah Ha Moments” that lead you to begin to focus on your health? “One day, I looked up and I realized […]

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