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Pepper Pine Nut-Cheese

Pepper Pine Cheese Vegan Plant Powered Living

  This nut cheese is soooo tasty, & hands down one of the best nut cheeses’s I have ever made or tasted! The perfect combination of sweet & savory. It goes well on all kinds of different foods & meals. In this […]

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Amazing Acai Bowl

Acai bowl Plant Powered Living

  Enjoy an amazing acai bowl!  Acai, pronounced (ah-sigh-ee) is a superfood from the Amazon that has many health benefits;  potassium, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, protein, vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3 and fatty acids Omega-9 & Omega-6.  It is a superfood […]

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Grape Apple Chlortastic Smoothie

This is for the chlorsastic smoothie.  Plant Powered Living

  Chlorella is one of the most beneficial & powerful foods you can put in your body.  It is an attractive food source because it is high in protein and other essential nutrients.  It contains about 45% protein, 20% fat, 20% carbohydrate, 5% fiber and […]

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