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Mood-lifting Green Smoothie


I whipped up this green smoothie this morning, in the midst of chaos and frustration, and came up with something delicious and infused with positive energy, sunshine,  and smiles.  It’s yummy and did wonders for my mood!  I hope you enjoy […]

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“Seed of Gratitude”


  Today, rushing to my lunchtime hatha yoga class, I found myself sipping the last of my power green smoothie, only to capture a tiny chia seed in between two of my teeth.  Quick mirror check revealed the seed wasn’t visible, and […]

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Spicy Cashew Curry Stir-Fry

spicy curry stir fry

This is a delicious combination of flavors we loved and thought we should share.  We used a stovetop wok pan.  This is a quick, easy meal, full of deliciousness and nutrition.  Curry is an Indian dish that can be mildly to […]

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