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How to Maintain Perfect Health by Chris Aultman

weights Plant Powered Living

Want a better state of health and fitness? Follow these basic parameters, and staying fit and healthy will be a breeze. Much like the wisdom behind 80/10/10, your dietary baseline should be 90/70/50. FYI, percentages are measured with calories, not mass. By mass, […]

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“Born to Run” sprints onto my favorite books list

Born to Run

I’ve read perhaps 1,000 books in my life and I can’t think of one I’ve enjoyed more. “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall is the epitome of a “page-turner”. Ever read a book and find yourself blowing through pages like Newt Gingrich through a bag […]

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My Vegan Story: Chris Aultman

At 195

  Here’s my story on how going vegan (100% raw at the start) affected my health and fitness, and subsequently changed my life. Most of my life I’ve struggled with weight (you know, big-boned) and grew up with a Southern mom who […]

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