The key to this dairy free, tangy, fermented raw cheeze is a lovely probiotic drink called water Kefir.

Now it can be made by using probiotic supplements you can purchase in most health food stores and even at some larger pharmacies.

Soaking the nuts you choose to use is important too. It not only rids the nuts of acids that can cause your tummy to be upset, it aids in digesting them, but it also starts to germinate the nuts (if raw) and increase the nutritional value.

The great thing about this basic recipe is how easy it is to make, as well as the variety of flavours you can come up with!

Ingredients for basic cheeze:

1 cup soaked skinned almonds
3/4 cup water kefir
2 tsp raw miso
1/4 cup lemon juice
pinch of nutmeg

Equipment needed:
Nut Milk Bag or paint straining bag
Food processor (blender works too)

How to Make It!

PictureSoak the raw almonds over night (8-12 hours), and as you can see they will start sprouting!






4 cups of soaked skinned almonds! I like to make a lot at the same time!






Do you struggle with juggling pouring into a nut milk bag, just put it inside a jug and tada! It holds itself!








3503426_origBlend until very creamy and smooth. Do not add more liquid.






I twisted this nut milk bag to put the contents under pressure and squeeze out some of the liquid. It made for a creamier, wetter cheeze.








In this picture on the right, I have the contents in the nut milk bag in the bottom of a plastic container, then another identical container on top of that, and a weight on top to press the cheeze inside into a dryer one.






After 24 hours of being in the nut milk bag and under some pressure, add it to your food processor, with a few tsp of miso, juice of a lemon, a pinch of nutmeg. And that’s your basic cheese. The cheeze in the picture below I added various herbs to.  You can make any variation you like.


I used thyme, rosemary, pink salt, black pepper, and fermented garlic. It made a great cheeze!


The dark cherry cheese was made with 1 cup of pitted dark cherries added to the basic fermented cheese and pulsed in the food processor.

The flavor changes as time progresses, and gets sour and tangy pretty quick. We like it with some bite.

Have fun and happy fermenting!

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