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I whipped up this green smoothie this morning, in the midst of chaos and frustration, and came up with something delicious and infused with positive energy, sunshine,  and smiles.  It’s yummy and did wonders for my mood!  I hope you enjoy it as well!

Note: In my high-powered blender, I made a full 72 ounces to share with my sweetie.

I combined:

2 cups of cold, purified water

2 or 3 generous handfuls of loose spinach leaves

1 cup of vanilla coconut milk

about 2 tablespoons of whole flaxseeds

2 frozen bananas

a handful of frozen blueberries

a handful of frozen strawberries

a handful of frozen peaches

1 small pineapple

about 2 tablespoons of local honey (I used an almond honey from Bisbee, AZ, where the bees are “free range”)

Blend together until you have a nice consistency and enjoy!