This is my first post for Plant Powered Living, and what an honour to be writing something and being able to support a way of life I practice and believe very strongly in.   The support and friendships that have stemmed from the PPL community I hold close to my heart always.

Recently I joined Co-Visionary, Dave The Organism, and Contributor, Michelle May, of Plant Powered Living for a juice feast!  I was excited for a juice cleanse, especially a group one where we could share ideas, recipes and support. However I had to go the route of smoothies for 5 days, as my juicer kicked the bucket. (The birthday fairies later that week delivered a new one :)) Initially, I felt hungry fairly often, and came up with more creative ways to make smoothies instead to help me stay healthy and also feel more full.

One recipe I came up with was: 1 green apple, a sprinkle of cinnamon, soy milk, wheat grass, a banana and a few handfuls of oatmeal. All ingredients I use are organic.

At about day 3 I started feeling much better, I was making smoothies in the morning, taking them to work, on a routine, and my stomach shrunk. A few days after the juice feast was complete ( or in my case the smoothie feast ) I sat down and ate a vegan birthday dinner, which I usually could finish no problem – and I had left overs on my plate. I felt very full and uncomfortable, my body was not used to eating so much at once!


So I had decided to encorporate a smoothie into my every day routine in place of a meal for improved energy, I do yoga every day as well as some additional abdominal workouts – and the fruit smoothies kept me well energized!
The smoothie pictured along side this post contained : strawberries, pomegranite juice, blueberry juice, banana, wheat grass and a shot of chloryphyll.

To sum up my experience: I felt lighter, energized, became very regular, even my skin seemed to have a more even tone to it. I slept well, felt well, and was blessed and excited to be a part of the experience.

I look forward to experimenting with my new juicer now, and yes, I am one of those people who get excited to go grocery shopping.  Until next time…