Bread and butter was a staple in my childhood home, and I continued the tradition well into my (unhealthy) young adulthood.  A meal wasn’t a meal without butter, and I did not believe in spreading it on lightly.  Let’s just say I liked my butter with a little bit of bread.

Bread is boring without some type of spread, right?  Right.  But butter is not exactly healthy, and that includes the Vegan versions you’ll find in most supermarkets.  The vast majority of “spreads” fall into the unhealthy category as well.  I admit, I could eat those flavored cream cheeses by the spoonful, and I often did.

It is true that we need fat in our diet.  But you will be doing your body a favor if you choose good fats over bad fats.  Butter is extremely high in saturated fat, which can raise your cholesterol, clog your arteries and lead you down the road to obesity, heart disease and several other unsavory medical issues. By eating just one tablespoon of butter, you have consumed over one-third of your daily allowance for saturated fat.  And let’s not forget that butter is derived from milk, which contains hormones and pus.  No thank you!photo-3

I am here to tell you that there is an easy way to ditch the artery-clogging saturated fat and still enjoy a thick, savory and delicious spread on your bread, bagels and the like.  Avocados!  That’s right, avocados.  My dinner table’s new “butter tub” is a freshly-opened avocado.  I pop open a ripe avocado and place the two halves on the table with a small spreading knife sticking out, just like I did with my old brick of butter.

I’ve had friends look at me like I’m nuts, until they try this nutrient-rich, soft and spreadable “Nature’s Butter” on their bread and then top it with their choice of delicious “sprinkles,” as I like to call them.  More on the sprinkles later.

By making this switch, you will be replacing the bad stuff with a lot of good stuff.  Avocados are cholesterol-free and rich in potassium, an essential mineral that aids in proper cell and heart function while maintaining our fluid and electrolyte balance.  A diet lacking in potassium can cause fatigue and raise blood pressure which subsequently increases the risk of heart disease.  As you can see, potassium is very important.  One ounce of avocado contains 140 mg of potassium, more than bananas!

Avocados contain a healthy amount of dietary fiber, which helps us feel fuller longer.  Butter contains zero grams of dietary fiber.  And with a low glycemic index of 15, avocados also help stabilize blood sugar levels.  And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, bring on the ACE!  Avocados are rich in the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.

photo(28)To make avocados taste great as a spread, simply open a ripe avocado and spread the thick, rich pulp onto a piece of sprouted bread, preferably toasted.  Then add your favorite “sprinkles.”  I like to switch up my sprinkles, often trying a new pepper flake, but I always include Dulse and Pink Himalayan salt for their extensive health properties.

Dulse is a great source of trace minerals and vitamins.  In fact, it contains all trace elements the human organism needs. It also boasts a high iodine content. Government surveys have shown a 50% reduction in adult iodine levels since 1974.  Higher intake of iodine can offer increased energy and mental clarity.  So sprinkle away!

I always choose Pink Himalayan salt over all others.  This type of salt possesses the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human organism, all untouched by the same toxins that pollute the other forms of salt.  The white table salt most of us grew up with is void of nutrients and severely lacking in beneficial trace minerals.  It has been processed into sodium chloride, which our bodies consider toxic.  As a result, we are unable to dispose of it properly once consumed.  This leads to tissue inflammation, water retention and high blood pressure.  Change your salt!photo(29)

Now you know how to make avocado butter!  It is incredibly simple, delicious and nutritious.  You can even turn this idea into a complete meal by adding green leaf lettuce or kale, some tomato and cucumber slices, and a sprinkle of hemp seeds and cilantro (great for calming inflammation and removing heavy metals from your body).  Eat it as an open-face sandwich, or add another piece of sprouted bread on top.  Make it Raw by using the green leaf lettuce as your bread and then wrapping it up, tortilla-style.  Or look for sprouted tortilla in your grocer’s freezer. Nature’s Butter is also delicious atop raw flax crackers. I like to spread it generously, then “decorate” the crackers with sprouts, cherry tomato halves, olives and cilantro. Get creative with your new buttah, baby!