Plant Powered Living 4 1/2 Sunflowers

HAPPY….such a simple title for such a complex understanding.

As easy as it would seem it has gotten to be quite the challenge for the bulk of civilization to define, let alone achieve. This documentary delves into the factors and tries to quantify what being happy means to a broad spectrum of cultures and economic factors resulting in such heavenly bliss…

You get to see from the eyes of families living at the lowest poverty level & what they see as the key to their happiness…on the downside you get to see the high cost of what happens when that search becomes misguided.

I felt that the storyline had a linear feel to it without much posturing. It states clear what leads our fascination with “just wanting to be happy” and better yet an accessible path to get it. It may be cliched but the principle factors of a happy life always seem to point right at exercise and diet. If you are miserable & don’t know why, this documentary spells it out very simply.

I was happy ( wink wink) to see that my new approach to life seems to be worth the dedication of letting go of what society deems necessary to attain happiness. I happily give it a 4.5 Sunflowers!  Here is the link to view this movie on Netflix.  Happy Movie

For more on the film check

Happy – A Documentary Trailer from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.

Contributed by Dean Huston