Wow!  2012 was a successful year for Plant Powered Living with infinite possibilities unfolding for 2013.  We are very excited about how Plant Powered Living is blossoming.  We have really enjoyed reflecting on so many extraordinary articles, recipes, celebrity news, Success Stories, interviews, movie reviews and much more from the past 365-day cycle on this planet.

We are filled with gratitude for all of the successful events, workshops, and beautiful connections that continue to flourish.   There is a consciousness shift towards healthier living happening and we are honored to be contributing to this expanding awareness.

We are are thrilled to share our Top 12 of 2012 at Plant Powered Living and our extraordinary team of Contributors!   If you are interested in becoming a Contributor, please view the information on Becoming a Contributor.  Find out how sharing your success stories, recipes, and articles can make an impact in the world.

Drumroll, please…..

#1 – Tara’s Healing Tonic – “I began experimenting with creating a juice recipe that would be hydrating, cleansing, and contain green juice.  I would like to highlight some interesting facts about the ingredients…” ~ Tara

Tara's Healing Tonic Plant Powered Living Juicing
#2 – Top 10 Vegan Apps – “Whether you are new to the idea of plant-based lifestyle or a dedicated veg head, vegan apps can help you find recipes, restaurants, cruelty free products, shopping tips, and more.” ~ Sarah Christie

tablet Plant Powered Living

#3 –  60 Day Juice Fast: How To Break Your Juice Fast “Wa-HOOOOOOO! 60 days! We all made it through. What an accomplishment! And now comes the hardest part…. BREAKING the fast.” ~ Carla Douglin


#4 – Green Smoothies 101 – “If there is any “perfect meal”, it just might be a green smoothie.” ~ Chris Aultman

Green Smoothie Plant Powered Living
#5 – Creamy Cashew Mac & Cheese – “This gluten-free, vegan mac and cheese recipe, which can also be made raw, is always a hit!  Don’t think this is just for kids.  It’s so decadent, you’ll think you’ve ordered it off a menu at a high class restaurant!” ~ Krista Richards

Mac & Cheese 1

#6 –  5 Reasons For Men To Love Their Veggies – “Men, listen up. There’s even more reason to make nice with your veggies. Reducing your meat portions and adding color to your plate in the form of veggies, legumes, nuts, and seeds will 1. Improve circulation, resulting in greater erectile response…” ~ Donna

Aaron Dressin Plant Powered Living
photo by Aaron Dressin Photography

#7 – Summer Veggie Platters – “I love going to the farmer’s market and buying crates of strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes and all the mouth-watering stone fruit that I can muster to eat.” Dr. K

#8 – Raw Banana Bread Crepes – “This is my new favorite breakfast food. It’s absolutely delicious and full of health benefits!” ~ Amanda Marie


#9 – “The Bomb” Veggie Burger and Cajun Sweet Potato Fries – “This recipe is one of our favorites.  It is a delicious and hearty plant powered meal. In case you were not aware, there are many benefits of eating sweet potatoes.” ~ Casey and DJ Diamond

Veggie Burger and Cajun Sweet Potato Fries - Plant Powered Living

#10 – Chaka Khan Gets Healthier and Loses 60 Pounds Going Plant Powered – “Chaka Khan recently shared with the world how she achieved getting healthier and losing 60 pounds. The popular singer began eating plant powered months ago which included a four month juice cleanse and exercise. The weight loss was necessary to manage her medical conditions of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.” ~ Plant Powered Living

chaka khan plant powered living

#11 – Kale Chips – “Kale chips are amazing and very beneficial for the human organism.  If your goal is to make life-enhancing choices then kale is the answer!” ~ Dave The Organism


Kale Chips in a bowl Plant Powered Living

#12 – Raw “Tuna” Wraps – “This wrap is so delicious & filling. The sunflower seeds have lots of protein along with amino acids, vitamins E & B. It also contains Dulse Flakes, a raw seaweed which in my opinion should be a staple in all raw or vegan diets.” ~ Denise

Raw Tuna Wrap - Plant Powered Living
Let’s make 2013 the most extraordinary year yet!  Keep on focusing on healthy living as you transform your life and inspire others around you.

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Krista Richards and Dave The Organism
Co-Visionaries of Plant Powered Living