Hungry for Healthy?  There is a big movement in the health field of moving towards a nutrient rich, plant-based diet.  What does a plant based diet mean?  A plant-based diet means eating fresh or minimally processed plant foods and the removal of meat, eggs and dairy products.

Research has shown that people who eat the most animal-based foods get the most chronic disease.   The western diet – characterized as highly processed, animal product rich, sugary, fatty and salty – has been shown to be bad for our health.   People who eat the most plant-based foods research shows are the healthiest and tend to avoid chronic disease.

One of the best parts of a plant-based diet versus other “diets” you may have tried, is you can stop worrying about counting calories.  It is easy to maintain a lower weight with a plant-based diet. Plant-based foods nutrient dense but calorically dilute because of the fiber – helping you feel full on fewer calories.

Are you ready to jump start your health?  Remember, this diet can be a transition, it CAN, but doesn’t have to happen overnight.

Here are five simple steps to jump start your road to  plant based healthy eating: 

Step 1 – Clean out your pantry, throw out the junk, & avoid eating highly processed, refined foods.  Remove items from your fridge and pantry that do not serve the best interest of your health.  Top 5 products to avoid: Trans-fats, Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Enriched/White Flour, High Fructose Corn Syrup, & Artificially Colored / Flavored Items.

Step 2 – Reconfigure your plate so the majority of each meal is focused on vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.

Step 3 – Start lunch and dinner with a big colorful salad. This gets your daily greens in and fills you up faster.

Step 4 – Choose whole grains over refined.

Step 5 – Get healthy fats from nuts, seeds and avocados.
Adopting a plant-based diet means you can eat for pleasure and for health at the same time.  Be nourished and enjoy the process!