With the holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to get Plant Powered!

Let us help you get started in the world of Plant Powered Living so you feel fully prepared for all the hustle and bustle of the season!  This is more than a workshop, after we learn, and make our holiday dishes, we will have a wonderful sit down dinner, and celebrate!

Date: November 18, 2012 – Sunday
Time: 1:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: The Plant Powered Palace, Encinitas, CA
Price:  $45

*Limited to 16 attendees

To reserve your spot click the link below to send your secure payment through PayPal!

Come learn how to transform your favorite holiday dishes into healthfully delicious possibilities for you and your family.  This season doesn’t have to be about gaining pounds and feeling guilty!  Every meal is guilt free when it’s Plant Powered!  Good for your body, good for the earth, and good for the animals!

Special thanks to…

During this workshop we will be….

  • creating traditional holiday meals Plant Powered style
  • sharing lots of valuable information
  • learning nutritious & delicious recipes
  • showing you how to read labels
  • guiding you on your path towards healthy living
  • discussing plant powered substitutes
  • preparing easy recipes together
  • answering your questions
  • enjoying the delicious Holiday Dinner that we will prepare together
  • celebrating Dave and Krista’s 4 year anniversary 😉
  • having lots of FUN!

Please feel free to fill out the Contact form if you are interested and would like more information.  Help us by sharing with us what you would like to get out of the workshop (or future workshops), what your favorite holiday dish is, and any questions you would like answered during the workshop.  We want you to leave your workshop inspired, prepared, and feeling confident in the world of Plant Powered Living!

Love, Light, and Aliveness…

Dave and Krista