This recipe is perfect for making at home or on camping trips because it requires sunlight to ‘cook’ the mushroom “steak”.  Basically we take a mushroom, season it, cover it up and leave it in the sun to cook.

Here is a more thorough recipe:


Portobello Mushroom

Chopped Red Onion


Lentil Sprouts

Nama Shoyu

Ginger Juice

Portobello steak


Take one portobello mushroom and decorate with chopped onion, dill, sprouts.  Make it juicy and flavorful by pouring about 1 Tbsp of Nama Shoyu or Soy sauce and 1 Tbsp fresh Ginger Juice over the top.

Place the mushroom in a sealed airtight container such as tupperware, glass cheese container, or even wrap it in plastic.  Leave in direct sunlight (has to be really hot) for a day; alternatively you can place the covered up Portobello in the oven or dehydrator.  Make sure to keep it raw by not heating over 135 degrees F.

After several hours, you will notice condensation on the container, which is a good sign.  The longer you leave the mushroom to cook, the more tender and juicy it will be.

Sun Portobello Recipe

And remember, when left in the sun, mushroom produce Vitamin D, just like we humans do… this is just one more reason to expose your mushrooms to sunlight.  Enjoy!  Eat the LIGHT!