Michelle Pfeiffer, best known for her roles in Scarface, Batman Returns, What Lies Beneath and Hairspray, recently came out to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta as vegan.

“I was finishing up working on, I think it was Dark Shadows,” she says. “And I was watching CNN, and The Last Heart Attack came on.” It was President Bill Clinton’s story that really carried the message home.

“OK, Bill Clinton loves food, so there must be something to [veganism] that’s making him stick to it. And also, he’s smart, so he’s not going to do something unless he really thinks there’s some science behind it.”

According to Pfeiffer, Caldwell B. Esselstyn’s book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease was the final piece to the puzzle.

“I just felt like…there was science behind it,” she says. “And, you know, it was sort of irrefutable. … I couldn’t not listen to it. My father died from cancer, and the older you get, there’s a lot of disease around you. And you see people struggling with chronic disease. You see people dying with terminal illnesses. And if in any way …. this is true, then you kind of have to listen to it.”

(Source: CNN.com)