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It’s easy to create face masks and nourish the skin at home with raw, plant-powered nutrition.  There is no need to spend money on costly beauty products that may also have harmful or harsh ingredients (e.g. parabens).  Save money and time with a raw-food solution to your skin’s every need by purchasing some common items at your local farmer’s market or health food store.  Listed below are some beauty enhancing foods that nourish your skin from the inside out, but that can also be applied directly to the skin to exfoliate, nourish, and replenish skin from the outside.  All of these foods can be easily mashed, blended, sliced, and applied. They are very safe, gentle, and rinse easily.  You will help the planet by reducing waste from beauty product packaging and you can use the money you saved for something else exciting and special.

Papaya: This anti-aging fruit is high in Vitamin C, carotenes and flavanoids. Papayas contain the enzyme papainwhich acts as a digestive aid when eaten and when applied topically, will digest dead skin cells. Just mash up the flesh and apply to skin for 10 minutes as the enzymatic action exfoliates and moisturizes your skin.

Pineapple:  Pineapples soften the skin and fight free radical damage.  They contain the enzyme bromelain, a powerful anti-inflammatory and deep cleansing agent. Blend a small amount of the fruit and apply for 10 minutes.  This can be applied as an additional treatment following the papaya mask.  You may feel a slight tingle as it deep cleans your pores.

Orange: Oranges contain very high levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants, which boost the skin’s radiance and improves the complexion dramatically.  This is a popular ingredient used in the beauty industry, but you can save lots of money by simply picking up a couple at the market, slicing, and rubbing onto the skin.

Cucumber: Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory quality that helps reduce swelling.  They are high in silica, a trace mineral that strengthens the skin’s connective tissue.  They are also safe to lay over your eyes to de-puff, soothe, and soften. Peel the skin and slice thinly, then rub them over your skin or place over closed eyelids.  Cucumber is also good for soothing sunburn.

Avocado:  Avocados contain the powerful anti-aging duo of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.  The high fat content deeply moisturizes and protects skin, imparting a youthful look. The sterols contained in the oil can reduce age spots, heal sun damage, and increase the collagen in your skin.  Simply mash up avocado with a fork and apply to clean skin.   Leave on as long as desired to moisturize and rinse thoroughly.

Aloe:  Aloe is a potent anti-inflammatory food and contains high levels of vitamins and essential minerals.  The rejuvenating gel inside the skin helps to reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, and sun damage.  It exerts an anti-aging action by delivering tons of oxygen to your cells.  It is incredibly healing for all skin conditions, including warts and psoriasis.

Ingredients: (choose any combination for a customized, at-home facial)

Papaya (mashed)

Pineapple (blended)

Orange (sliced)

Cucumber (peeled, thinly sliced)

Avocado (mashed)

Aloe (fillet skin, recover inner gel)

Instructions:  Customize using some or all of the ingredients above based on your skin’s needs.  Mashed papaya can be applied for 10 minutes for exfoliation.  Rinse thoroughly.  If desired, follow with a pineapple mask for 10 minutes to further deep clean and treat the skin, then rinse thoroughly.  If additional radiance is desired, rub skin with orange slices and allow to absorb.  Moisturize skin with cucumber or aloe by rubbing onto skin, and allow to absorb.  For increased moisture, apply mashed avocado for as long as desired, then rinse.  At the end of your treatment, apply a generous amount of coconut oil and massage gently into skin and around the eyes. Fully appreciate both your inner and outer beauty!

Love, Light & Aliveness!