The Garden Vegan Cafe, vegan, Plant Powered Living, Washington, organic, restaurant
I had the tastiest vegan lunch a couple of weeks ago on my weekend trip to Tri Cities, WA at a restaurant called The Garden Vegan Cafe. They serve local and organic, 100 percent plant-based food. I was shocked to find this place in WA– it is such a groovy and hip cafe. Now it’s a cafe so don’t expect anything fancy, but it’s perfect for breakfast and lunch. They had raw juices and smoothies that you could customize with greens, chia and hemp seeds . . . Totally my kinda place! Also on the menu were yummy vegan quesadillas, sandwiches, salads, soups, and other various vegan dishes. I love variety so I had to try a few things. I had a raw juice with greens and veggies, a mock egg salad sandwich, the best vegan quesadilla ever on a spinach tortilla with Daiya cheese, homemade chili and Tofurkey pesto panini. I did not eat it all at once. I took half to go and I shared with a friend 😉 Anyone living or visiting the Tri Cities area needs to stop in and give this place a try. I know you won’t be disappointed!