5/5 Sunflowers

My wife and I visited this place called Choice Health Bar (which didn’t show up on http://www.HappyCow.net) and it was a perfect GEM in the heart of Lahaina.  Bikram yoga is across the street which makes this place a perfect place to go after a hot class.  Their menu has everything from fresh coconut water (key to rehydrating after a sweaty workout) to the most amazing Acai bowls!  What’s an Acai bowl, say you?  It’s basically a delicious and thick smoothie topped with granola, bananas or other fruit and sprinkled with some type of super food (hemp seed, goji’s etc).  They serve honey but other than that everything is completely vegan and mostly raw vegan.  We tried the O.G., Superfresh Bowl and OM Mango Acai bowls and they were equally delicious!  They have fresh juices, smoothies and many healing elixirs.  If you are ever in the Lahaina area and are conscious of your health, you probably already know about this place.  In case you don’t, check it out and invest in your health.  This is THE PLACE for Plant Powered Living people on the island and I give it a 5 out 5 sunflower rating!