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Finally! After nearly two years of clamoring, I’m finally posting my blog. I’m typing this because so many of you have asked about green smoothies.

If there is any “perfect meal”, it just might be a green smoothie.

For those of you who have trouble functioning in the morning without coffee or animal protein, I promise a green smoothie will make your morning regimen seem like a sedative. Nothing compares. It provides so much energy you’ll have goosebumps, no jitters, mental clarity, emotional calmness  and it doesn’t make your breath smell like ass. The first ingredient I put in every smoothie is chia seeds. You can get it in bulk at stores like Whole Foods. When I recommend foods to people, chia is first on my list. Chia and spirulina might be two of the most perfect foods on Earth. It’s full of complete protein, every amino acid, fiber, calcium and omegas out the wazoo. It’s tasteless and thickens a smoothie (Vegans use it in place of gelatin, which is made from horse hooves. No Jell-O, Wilbur!). Fill your blender with 1/3 water to start (you can add more if your smoothie is too thick) and soak 2 tablespoons of chia for about an hour. Side note: if you have kids, they’ll be amazed. In water, they create these cool gel capsules around themselves.

Add at least one handful of dark greens. TRUST ME, you will not taste it unless you put more than two handfuls in.

I usually use at least one large handful. Bananas do a great job of masking any bitterness and the cleaner your diet is, the more greens you’ll tolerate and crave. Remember, the plant kingdom is superior to animal food in EVERY element. Dark greens have more iron than beef will ever think about having (and tons of aminos…ergo, PROTEIN). I recommend kale, as it has no peer in toxin absorption. It absorbs up to five times its mass in toxins. Also, the darker the green, the better– meaning more nutrients (i.e.Swiss chard, spinach, etc.) You want to balance flavors, too. For example, kale is bitter, so you want to use bananas, grapes, dates and other sweet fruits. Swiss chard is salty and less bitter, so you have more leeway with the fruit you use. Spinach is sweet, so you can balance it with apples, blueberries and milder fruits. Blend the greens first with just the chia and water. You want to ensure it’s as pureed as possible. It breaks the cell walls and helps digestion and nutrient absorption. Remove kale stems. You can put in Swiss chard whole, however, the stems add great color.

I highly recommend any berries and bananas in any smoothie for flavor and nutrient content. Two fruits is great; but add no more than three. Add four or more kinds of fruit and you risk difficult digestion. Food combining can be tricky. See what works best for you. You’ll notice some combos make you feel great and some superhuman. Here’s the coolest thing about green smoothies: you can use things you may not like, like kale, and mask the flavor with fruits you do like. Nothing I’ve eaten or studied can match green smoothies for nutritional content. One caveat: never use any melon in a smoothie. Melons need to be eaten alone. If you combine it with anything else, it will hamper digestion. Another reason greens go great with fruit is iron absorption (especially important to women and athletes) is greatly enhanced by fruit, mainly citric acid (so, use oranges, etc. on your salads).

If you can get it, I’d also recommend a teaspoon of spirulina in each smoothie. It’s a form of blue-green algae that has the highest protein content of any food on Earth, TWICE that of the beef.

I also add some raw protein powder and maca because I like the taste and extra boost. I usually drink a blender full before eating anything. That’s another great thing about them…you can’t drink too much. You’ll feel full, nourished, mentally sharp, happy, and calm. If any of you drink a large glass of green smoothie and insist you’re still hungry, that isn’t your body talking. It’s physically impossible to get that much fiber and nutrients and still be hungry. And because they taste great, kids love them. Plus, it makes them sharper students. Parents give their kids bloating, sleep-inducing cow’s milk and nutrient-deficient, sugary cereal and wonder why they’re fat, poor students. If you juice, you can just throw the pulp in the blender! No waste! Any tips you smoothie wizards have are welcome. Hope you enjoyed. Next blog to come in February 2014… haha.  Mark your calendar!

Ingredients of smoothie pictured (makes 2-3 large glasses):

4 leaves kale

2 tablespoons chia, soaked in blender for an hour

1 carrot

2 stalks celery

1/2 pint blueberries

2 bananas

1 tablespoon spirulina

1 scoop chocolate raw protein powder

Instructions: If you have a blender that isn’t as powerful as a Vita-Mix, thoroughly blend chia, kale, carrot & celery first, then add other ingredients.

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