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So you may be asking “Day 42?”  Yes, I’m on day 42, because about half way through I accidentally ate a bite off a quesadilla, forgetting that it was gluten.  So, technically I have not been completely gluten-free for 30 days.  I think if we start the clock over, today is day 29, so I guess I’m pretty close.  Though, I think I’d like to really give it more time.  I haven’t noticed anything dramatic.  I really want to give it a fair shake and allow my body to adjust.  It took months after I gave up dairy before I really noticed the difference.  I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stay on the gluten-free train, but for now, I’m riding it.

This experience really hasn’t been that challenging.  Of course, there are a few things that have come up.  For example:

1. Thai restaurants – you have to ask if they put soy sauce in their curry and in their sauces.  Some do, and some don’t.  I had one recent visit to a Thai restaurant and I ended up having a cup of soup and fresh spring rolls without the peanut sauce.  Frankly, it was not satisfying.  It was definitely a gluten-free/vegan meal.  However, when you’re hoping for curry and you’re really hungry, bland soup and spring rolls without the best part – the peanut sauce – just doesn’t cut it.

2. French Fries – yes, I still occasionally crave french fries!  I’m clear that anything fried is not good for you.  If you’re dealing with health issues or trying to lose weight, french fries are definitely not your friend.  However, I still enjoy eating french fries once in a blue moon.  This can be challenging since often restaurants fry their fries in the same oil as other foods that contain gluten.  From a vegan perspective they may fry dead animals in their fryers as well.  That’s for each person to decide if that violates their choice to remain plant based.  There are some restaurants that ONLY fry their fries in the fryer.  There are also some restaurants that use animal oils/fats to fry their fries, which is an added issue. The bottom line is, you have to ask two questions when ordering fries at a restaurant.  1. What sort of oil do you use in your fryer?  2. Do you have a dedicated fryer for your french fries?  The main way I solve my craving for fries is by making my Garlic Home-Fries.  Otherwise, if I’m out, I’ve got to ask questions.

3. Late Night Burritos with the peeps –  until this gluten-free kick, black bean burritos were a fairly regular part of my diet.  The other night, my peeps picked up burritos, and forgot that I couldn’t eat it.  Thankfully, my dear friend Anja, the author of the Vegan Chicken Quesadilla, was there and made me a delicious quesadilla with a brown rice tortilla.  By the way, Food for Life brown rice tortillas are a life saver!  I love them.  Fresh, they can be a bit hard, so not always ideal for a wrap.  However, I really love a crispy quesadilla, so I’ve been making them often using these tortillas.

Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas

4. Sharing a kitchen – I was in a friend’s kitchen the other day as a bunch of friends were making all sorts of food.  All of it was vegan, but not all gluten-free. I was present to the fact that I have to be careful not to use the same utensils, or allow my food to touch other food that contains gluten.  So, it’s a bit of a hassle if you’re ever sharing a kitchen that is not completely gluten-free.

All things considered, there are some extra things to be mindful of when choosing gluten-free.  I haven’t had any crazy cravings for bread, which is strange.  I love bread.  Don’t get me wrong, if after I’ve given this a fair shake, I don’t see any benefit, I’m gonna go eat a lone-star sandwich from Jimbo’s straight away!  For now, I still get my lone-star, I just have them wrap it in lettuce.  It’s still delicious, though, if gluten doesn’t turn out to be an issue, I’d prefer to have the multi-grain seeded bread that they usually serve it with.  YUM!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me!

Love, Light, and Aliveness