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In November 2011, Gabriel and I  adventured to Bali for some much needed quality time and cultural enlightenment. I found Bali to be beautifully breathtaking. It’s the kind of island I could go to and never return. It’s filled with color, ceremony, kindness and great plant powered treats!

One of the many sweet days we had in Ubud was going to the Monkey Forest, praying in temples, wandering the streets in the warm rain and dipping into an organic market, “Alchemy“, for some vegan, organic cheesecake.

Alchemy”  was created by a group of “earth-loving, tree hugging, downshifters who met in Bali and connected over their passions for live food, green juice and raw chocolate! Your health is the first and most important step,” the Alchemy website states. “We are what we eat and think – from food & thought to form & being — true ALCHEMY. We created Alchemy with the intention of inner healing and transformation. Life is an inside out job and we are here to help you heal and live from within. We honor Mother Nature, her gifts, and promote healthy sustainable living. Our products and menu promote consciousness and wellbeing for all of earth’s inhabitants.”

On a warm, rainy day we found “Alchemy” after a long day of wandering the Ubud streets. First we tried the Magic Mint Cheesecake made with cashews, living spring water, mint and nuts. It was so good I had to make each bite last as long as I possibly could!

Then we had the Sexy Ganache: a silky, smooth, sexy, chocolate sensation made with mysterious secret ingredients. It was sinfully creamy, chocolaty and had black cherries in it. YUM!

The entire experience from the food, to the decor was absolutely divine and elegantly warming.

Next time you or a friend finds themselves in Ubud, Bali, I definitely recommend stopping in for a bit and indulging in healthy sweet sins!

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