ABC, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3  
My adventures in juicing continue flowing.  I have been juicing about 4-5 days a week consistently.   Plus my amazing friends are also juicing more often, it’s a family affair.  I love it!

Juicing is getting more well-deserved attention now more than ever.  This is partly based on a popular movie on Netflix called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead about juicing plus a blossoming awareness of healthy living happening globally.  Please do a Google search for “health benefits of juicing” to learn more.   Once you begin to explore the life-enhancing benefits of juicing, you will see healthy habits flowing into your life more freely.  YES!

Carla Douglin, a Plant Powered Living Contributor, recently chose to video blog her juicing cleanse which you can find here in the Blog drop-down list as Carla’s Raw Journey and has been experiencing phenomenal results.   She has lost unnecessary weight, gained more energy, insights, vitality and aliveness!  WooHoo Carla!!!

I recommend to start juicing by first acquiring a nice juicer ( I use a Breville )    Check online for a used on websites such as Craigslist.  Once you have a juicer, it is just a matter of going to your local farmer’s market, health food store, grocery store or ideally, your own organic garden.   Once you get started, get ready to experience radiant RAWsome results.  One reason is based on the high levels of phytonutrients that are bioavailable through juicing.

With juicing you are dealing with the plant kingdom (flora) which provides a massive variety of fruits & vegetables with a multitude of health benefits.  This means that since there is such a large variety of fruits & vegetables on this planet, your juicing adventures will be packed with lots of possibilities of an variety of combinations.

Juicing provides a nutrient-dense method of delivering phytonutrients to the human organism to allow for you to heal, cleanse & thrive.   There is an array of benefits from the world of nutritional science based on the fact that juiced plants are quickly absorbed into the human body at the molecular level.

Juice it up!!!  Sooooo refreshing!  Ahhhhh!

 ABC Juice with Ginger

Ingredients are listed in the order they should be juiced  –  Makes 3 servings in a 12 oz. glasses.

3 lbs of whole organic carrots
3 small organic apples (seeds removed)
2 large sized beets
1 small orange
1 small piece of ginger root. (Roughly the size of your thumb, too much and it may overpower the drink.)

Stir when finished in order to get everything nicely blended in the juice medley.  I sometime will add a touch of ice on the top.   Drink and enjoy the multiple health benefits associated with juicing.  YUM!  This combo is plant powered perfection!  It is nutritious and delicious.