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I have been on this two year search for the perfect natural deodorant. Until this week, I had not found anything that could stand up to my active lifestyle of teaching yoga and dance classes, training in acrobatics and performing until the wee hours of the morning. I found The Crystal created moisture and after a few hours it did not work on me at all.  Tom’s Deodorant mixed with my chemistry strangely and created an un pleasant smell. My husband’s Old Spice worked great, but I was left smelling like him and not like a woman.

This week I have been using a lime as a deodorant. And it works! After my 4 classes Tuesday I still smelt fresh! It is so simply silly that nature had the answer the whole time.

Try it! Use a lemon or lime as a deodorant.  After a shower, just slice a wedge and rub it on your skin. Allow it to dry until you put your clothes on (just to make sure the acid doesn’t affect your clothing.)  And the best part about this is that it is suppose to “condition” your underarms to stop smelling bad.

Want to know how this works?  Check out this link for more information: