The Plant Powered lifestyle is not only about food for me.  It is a way of creating a life worth living; filled with vibrant people, foods, adventures, education, and travel. My desire to be in tune with my authentic self continues to show me the path of compassion and nature. It continues to remind me that there are three major factors that determine an awesome healthy life filled with inspiration. Those three factors are fitness, food and thought.  Breaking broken records in your head is a must in order to be flexible in the ever changing moment. Outdoor fitness and creative fitness bring you back to the nature of the human body. (To quote Joseph Campbell: match your nature with Nature.)  And the fuel you put into your body can create vibrant health or sluggish moodiness. Being conscious about all three has allowed me to slow down the negative fear based responses and boost the light within to shine brightly through my eyes.

Last May I participated in the 8 Limbs of Adventure Retreat hosted by the Yoga Slackers. It is comprised of a weekend slam packed with outdoor adventure, amazing organic vegetarian and vegan meals, creative fitness like hoop and belly dancing, education and full body awareness. They pushed my limits with rock climbing and slack lining and made acrobatic yoga and hiking a whole lot of fun! It was a great way to engulf myself in all that I love: The open outdoors, great company and tasty food. Oh, and the hot and cold tubs after a day of non stop movement was heaven! And how could i forget the Thai Massage training? WOW! Yes all this in one weekend! It was blissfully intense.

I am so happy they are going to be hosting another retreat this Oct! I plan on being there and I would love you to join me.

The retreat is held at the gorgeous Liberty Advance Retreat Center -Oct 21 – 23, 2011.

Here is a link to a video and more info.


More info:

I hope to see you there!